A revolutionary automation system for your cutting-edge project


PlexusLab utilizes Ladder-logic-PHP, which makes it possible for millions of users without specific industrial automation knowledge to generate infinite and complex algorithms. Check out PlexusLAB


The essential tool for leading innovators in the fields of machine prototyping, R&D, and university research

Meet Plexus

Plexus is a fast, flexible, and modern automation system.

  • the PLC alternative
  • intelligent I/O with 32 universal channels, each one can be used for input/output AND digital/analog
  • no more modules!
  • IP65: fully waterproof; wide operating temperature range; eliminates expensive electrical paneling and results in 80% less wiring needed;
  • plugs directly into switch or any computer via ethernet
  • you can write functions and create HMI panels with the powerful, license-free, web-based, and secure software
  • fast and reliable operations: 640 I/Os + all logic operations in less than 50 ms
Just buy plexus and you can automate anything!

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Plexus for Research and Development departments:

Dive from brainstorming creative ideas into experimenting with functional prototypes in just minutes. You will love conducting studies and making groundbreaking developments with Plexus’ fast setup time, responsive software, and ability to monitor and adjust your project 24/7 from your phone, tablet, laptop, or home computer.

We are devoted to modernizing technology, so we offer a free testing program to companies that demonstrate an interest in Plexus.


Plexus for universities:

Spearhead advancements in your field by implementing Plexus automation into your studies. Our technology will enable you to experiment, innovate, and continue to lead most efficiently. Coding with PHP makes it possible, for the first time ever, to play with limitless algorithms.

We are passionate about making contributions to science, so we offer free testing program to universities that demonstrate an interest in Plexus.

From prototype to real-life solutions

Accelerate the important technological advancements you will make by minimizing the time spent between prototyping and making the full-size construction, just like BioForceTech and the Presezzi Extrusion Group did (case studies).

Amazing Features

m8 Connector


Link sensors and actuators to Plexus in seconds


Write your own code or use PlexusLab's user-friendly software


Converts data, reads sensors, and includes built-in security protection


Eliminate up to 80% of wiring


Waterproof and capable of withstanding temperatures that range from -20°C to 70°C


Effortlessly connect multiple Plexus via one Ethernet

Plexus is available NOW!

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