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Free 60-day trial for innovative automation projects in

R&D departments and universities

We are looking to collaborate with forward-thinking companies and universities to progress our mission of revolutionizing the automation field.

How Does the Testing Program Work?

Tell us why you think Plexus could be valuable for your project, and we will send you one for free* for 60 days (shipping cost included for USA only). After the 60-day trial period, you can either purchase the Plexus for our store price or send it back to us.
*We will distribute a limited quantity of Plexuses. Not everybody will be eligible for this offer.

Your Input on Plexus

At Inspike, we designed the Plexus technology with the goal of making the process of automation less painful and more fruitful and exciting for the field. Plexus underwent through several cycles of development, and each new iteration was enhanced with new functions and easier usability. Now, Plexus is a state-of-the-art tool that has already been incorporated into prototyping and production cycles of leading automation companies.

We don't want to stop here. Continued testing and improvements are crucial to our mission, so we have have set up the Beta Testing Program to allow real-world users such as yourself to impact our product. Become the leader and direct where the automation field moves by sharing your feedback about Plexus' software and hardware. We are eager to hear from you: How can we better customize Plexus? How does Plexus perform? Does it fit the needs of your company? We will incorporate your input into our next model of Plexus.

To participate, fill out this form.