Some of your Questions:

Q. What is Plexus?

Plexus is a fast, flexible, and modern automation system that completely replaces PLCs. It is a secure I/O that can convert data from any sensor or actuator. Plexus also has the ability to recognize when it is disconnected from the network and respond to critical situations.

Q. There a common belief that automation without PLCs isn't feasible. Why do think it is feasible?

The IT industry is rapidly evolving, but the field of automation is not keeping up.

There were many periods in engineering history when innovations were responded to with doubt or rejection. For example, in the past, many engineers reacted strongly to the idea of replacing relay logic: "Replace relay logic" Are you out of your mind?!??. Today, no one utilizes relay logic for complex machinery control.

At Inspike, we asked: "PLCs are obsolete and no longer fit our needs, so how do we replace them?" The answer to that questions is Plexus, a leading-edge, intelligent, open-source, wireless technology that will allow you to control your machinery even when you're on vacation.

Q. Have you succeeded at carrying out automation without PLCs outside of Inspike's lab?

Yes, for example, Plexus successfully replaced PLCs in two leading machinery companies, BioForceTech and the Presezzi Group. BioForceTech, an innovative Bay Area company that has originated technology that processes biosolids to create energy, depends entirely on Plexus for any automation mechanisms. Biosolids processing takes place in a hostile environment, filled with high-temperature flames and dangerous moving machinery, so the waterproof, compact, and high-temperature-range Plexus is the only existing automation device that can allow for the incredible new technology of BioForceTech to function.The Presezzi Group, a world-wide aluminum extrusion company, used Plexus to automate a wireless cart that manages aluminum transportation in high-temperature environments; this wouldn't be possible with PLCs! Both BioForceTech and the Presezzi Group are thrilled to have Plexus, a waterproof and high-temperature-range automation technology that allows for fast setup time, limitless algorithms, and wireless access to operate machinery.

Q.You labeled Plexus an intelligent I/O. What do you mean by that?

Plexus is operated by a server; this centralized logic allows for users to use any coding language and create new software to control the machinery. In addition, Plexus is a highly secure I/O device, and it can convert data from any sensor or actuator. Finally, Plexus has the ability to recognize when it is disconnected from the network and respond to critical situations immediately.

Q. Won't operating the software on a separate server make it slow?

No, Plexus' operating speed is fast and suitable for most machinery. With modern LAN networks, we were able to complete an I/O cycle in less than 5 milliseconds. Our free software, PlexusLAB, is able to control a system with up to 640 I/Os in 50 milliseconds or less. This cycle speed makes Plexus fast enough for more than 90% of the applications in the industry.

Q. How do you program Plexus?

There are several programming options for Plexus. Being an open-source device, Plexus allows for completely new and customized software to be created. In case you don't have the inclination or background knowledge to code, you can easily use PlexusLAB - a free, web-based, and intuitive software.