How it works

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Only with Plexus, you can go from an unopened box of sensors to looking at live-data charts from your smartphone in a series of the following short steps designed to take up less than ½ of a day

PLC Version:

If you use PLCs, this is how it works. You use a big electrical panel where you place your devices, modules, and all your electric components. All your cables runs from your panel to your sensors and actuators, and you usually have expensive HMI screens to control the machinery.

PLX Version:

With a PLX System (Plexus32 installed), the electrical panel reduces the dimensions because you can place the waterproof Plexus box anywhere in the plant (without protections!). Wiring becomes easier because you can connect any sensors and actuator to Plexus with an m8 connector. You can also use wifi antennas, saving on wiring and system becomes less complex. On top of this, all you need as HMI is your tablet, laptop or smartphone.

A few simple steps, to a complete automation system:

1) How many sensors/actuators will you need for your project?
make sure you have purchased: one plexus for every 32 I/O channels, m8 cables, 1 computer. Besides these products, you will only need an ethernet cable.

2) Connect Plexus(es)
to the computer by simply plugging in the ethernet cable.

3) Now, you need to connect your sensors to the plexus, which you can do easily by using a standard m8 cable.
(see specs on how to connect any I/O)

4) Repeat step 3 for any additional Plexuses, if you have more than 32 I/O in your project.

5) Make sure each plexus has its own IP address. Open your browser and search for that IP address when you want to connect the device. From the Plexus’ internal page, you can configure your channels and the safety functions.

6) You’re done with all the connecting! Now, the fun part: with our free software, PlexusLAB, you can write your algorithms and create HMI panels in minutes.

7) Enjoy the data-gathering and your automated process on unlimited screens: desktop computers, tablets or phones!

8) Optional step: secure cloud features so that you can access the data and make live adjustments to your project from anywhere in the world.

Do you need more informations on how Plexus can help your project?