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Powerful and intuitive,
PlexusLab is the ultimate automation software.
Ladder-PHP Coding and HMI-building are now easy, fast, and fun!

PlexusLAB V0.9.3 Download Available

PlexusLAB new version 0.9.3 with more improvements is available now!

Visit the get started to see how it's easy to install or update!

Still not convinced? Take a look on the video on the side to see how you can create a complete industrial automation project in 4 minutes!

Click here for Plexuslab documentation.

Plug and Play: Simplicity; Multi-Device

Plug and Play: Simplicity; Multi-Device

PlexusLab, a state-of-the-art software, makes it possible to operate any machinery in just minutes!

Plexus and PlexusLab were created for users who do not have specific knowledge of electrical or IT work. Our cool, patented, and universal m8 connectors make it super easy for anyone to connect sensors and actuators. So, you can plan on spending less time and money on prep work, and more of that on your exciting trials and experiments.

After effortlessly connecting the sensors to Plexus, all you will need to do is simply plug the ethernet cable into Plexus. Now, you’re connected to PlexusLab are and ready to operate your machinery from your computer! Connect up to 20 Plexuses to a single computer; that’s 640 I/Os to control with a click of a mouse.

Accessibility, Limitless Algorithms

Ladder-PHP: Accessibility, Limitless Algorithms

To drive our commitment to making automation most accessible, we hand-picked PHP and combined it with ladder logic in creation of PlexusLab. PHP, one of the most powerful and widely-used coding languages, is simple, yet it has all the functions and complexity of a high-level language. PlexusLab utilizes Ladder-logic-PHP, which makes it possible for millions of users without specific industrial automation knowledge to generate infinite and complex algorithms. Finally, there is a software that can match the creativity and intricacy of your ideas.

Another stimulating feature made possible by PlexusLab’s limitless algorithm-building is its capacity to analyze colossal amounts of data in milliseconds. You are now able to make real-time decisions, which can be implemented in just a fraction of a second. It’s time to toss the PLCs that cannot achieve this and that are not up to speed with your ambitions!

Create, Edit, and Export

Projects: Instantaneously Create, Edit, and Export

We strongly believe that technology should be an extension of the human brain, so we set out to create something that could efficiently and smoothly channel the flow of your ideas. PlexusLab is the only software that allows users to enjoyably design and manage a limitless amount of automation projects. Each project, or a tailored set of algorithms for operating machinery, can very quickly be entered, saved, accessed, and immediately used to control the machinery. Immerse yourself in the creative process by picking or editing/customizing the project that will operate your machinery in this instant.

So, generating a project becomes an intuitive process, especially with the accessible HMI described below. In addition, with a click of a button, you can export your project and import it into another device. No more PLC-provoked frustration requiring programming and/or complete reprogramming of any new device!

HMI: Web-Based, Responsive, Touch-Optimized

In creation of PlexusLab, we were passionate not only about accessibility and complexity, but also about ease-of-use and aesthetics. PlexusLab painlessly generates a beautiful and web-based interface by users simply managing customizable drag-and-drop functions. You can sit back and comfortably control your machinery with this user-friendly interface, as well as collect and analyze data with click-of-a-button, real-time charts. Keep in mind that the interface is touch-optimized, so a tablet or other touch-screen device can become your best friend during your experiments. Finally, we are thrilled to share that the interface and, consequently - your machinery, can be accessed and controlled via a secure connections from virtually anywhere in the world.

Alarms: Relax and Live Your Life

Alarms: Relax and Live Your Life

At Inspike, we have learned, from spending many overnight shifts monitoring new projects, that safety is a burning issue for new technology. With PlexusLab, you don’t have to watch your machinery like a hawk because we have built in variables that analyze and immediately respond to critical situations. You will receive an email and an sms text as soon as any problem arises in your project, so you can act immediately. This critical feature of PlexusLab will keep you and your project safe, so you can sleep tight at night.


Security: Ubuntu + Apache Will Protect Your Data

The final and our most favorite feature of PlexusLab is its superb security. We know from experience that due to the intense competition in the field, anyone can become the target of intellectual property theft or damage. In designing PlexusLab, we utilized Linux, the most secure O/S, to create software that is efficient yet secure from any attacks. Additionally, to wipe out any chances of threats, we implemented security protocols with Apache, the most prominent and reliable web-server. Your data and projects, and thus your ideas, time, and money, are finally safe with PlexusLab.