Success stories

BioForceTech Corporation

BioForceTech Corporation, a Silicon Valley engineering startup, was on a mission to transform biosolids with an energy-positive yield by combining original technology with low processing time. For the past two years, the company has been designing, manufacturing, and operating machinery that required the use of the most leading-edge and contemporary automation technologies.

Plexus - BioForceTech Corporation

Obstacles created by PLCs

After attempting to automate the BioDryer, one piece of BioForceTech’s original machinery, with PLCs, the founders of this company had the gloomiest outcomes. The significant time and finances spend on purchasing and configuring the software, PLC modules, and electrical panels and their wiring did not yield the flexible and smart automation process they were expecting. In addition, BioDryer functioned in an area exposed to harsh elements and high temperatures; PLCs could not withstand that type of environment, which was discouraging. The PLCs also killed the prototyping process, which needed to be fast, simple, and responsive, but instead was slow, rigid, and problematic. The founders of BioForceTech were frustrated and desperate for a new automation solution that would tolerate a destructive, harmful environment and allow for more complex algorithms necessary for prototyping the machinery.

Taking the lead

Opening up to the possibilities to something controversial yet progressive like Plexus was exciting for the inventive and forward-thinking Bay Area company like BioForceTech. Where, if not in the Bay Area, can you break away from groupthink and open your mind to something so unthought-of as automation without PLCs? Also, BioForceTech’s ingenious project necessitated the use of features rendered impossible by existing automation technologies.

Plexus - BioForceTech Corporation


Plexus’ easy programming language was an expressway to BioDryer’s successful automation. Now, BioForceTech’s machinery can perform highly elaborate and previously-impossible functions, and BioForceTech employees can instantly create data charts and access the plant’s control panel from their mobile devices. Also, Plexus’ incredible software and waterproof features made it the perfect candidate for implementation into full-size BioDryer. BioForceTech is proud to be the first company in the United States to have a functioning technology that is fully automated by Plexus.

The CEO of BioForceTech continues to be ecstatic about Plexus. He shared, “We didn’t want to have to think about automation. We had so many ideas that needed to be tried out. And we didn’t want to be set back by programming and reprogramming each PLC, which couldn’t keep up with our exceedingly complex algorithms. Plexus was unparalleled in its role in the prototyping process, which lead us to create first-ever, energy-positive process of tranforming biosolids. We are incorporating Plexus into our life-size machinery as well.“ Overall, BioForceTech found Plexus to be the easiest, cheapest, fastest, and most effective technology that is vital to contemporary automation.

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Presezzi Extrusion Group

The Presezzi Extrusion Group, one of the top worldwide aluminum extrusion companies, has been automating their outstanding and most advanced machinery for decades. From Paraguay to United Arab Emirates, this powerful company has been producing leading technology, all automated with PLCs. Headquartered in Italy, The Presezzi Group has been successfully combining superior quality and performance with well-received traditional values, such as allegiance to technology that has been proven to work for a long time.

Plexus - Reiter & Crippa

PLCs: limited, obsolete

The Presezzi Group has thrived with PLCs. So, its top-level engineers, which included resident experts with 20-50 years of industrial experience and Ferrari’s Formula 1 consultants, were stunned when a projected plant was confirmed to be inoperative with PLCs. This project, to be built in Dubai in 2015, required automation of a wireless cart that would manage aluminum transportation in a high-temperature (250 °C) environment. This type of automation and the whole project was out of the question if PLCs were to be utilized.

Taking the leap

Staying open-minded about new wave automation technology like Plexus was highly challenging at first. The Presezzi Extrusion Group experienced backlash, with people in the field unanimously stating that “automation without PLCs is just not possible.” Also, practically all of the existing machinery parts has been created to function with PLCs only, making integration of new technology more complicated.

The Presezzi Extrusion Group was faced with a difficult decision of abandoning the customer’s request for innovative machinery and foreclosing the project, or becoming the first extrusion company ever to automate its technology without PLCs. The Presezzi Extrusion Group made a decision to fulfill the customer’s progressive request and take the leap forward with Plexus.

Plexus - Reiter & Crippa

Triumphant news

After a series of mind-blowing prototyping tests, Plexus has become an indispensable part of Presezzi Extrusion Group’s upgraded innovative extrusion plant. Plexus’ web-based operability and waterproof, durable exterior made it possible, for the first time ever, to operate automated wireless technology in scorching and toxic environments. Also, Presezzi Extrusion Group’s engineers, used to a highly environmentally-hostile workplace, expressed great relief when they were able to control the machinery with their iPhone from a safe distance. The company workers also shared that PlexusLab is a huge bonus: now, to automate the Dubai plant, one electrician will be sent there for several days, instead of several engineers and electricians working for weeks or even months (which would’ve been the case with PLCs).

Follow the news for the first-ever Plexus-automated extrusion plant; to be completed in Dubai at the end 2015-beginning of 2016!

The Presezzi Extrusion Group’s CEO believes that Plexus is the fundamental technology for propelling the field of automation into the future, and is the stepping stone for many inspirational automation discoveries to come. He envisions Plexus, once a controversial technology, will allow Presezzi Extrusion Group to deliver amazing and progressive machinery by combining the traditional commitment to best quality with the most modern and effective automation solutions.

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