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Coming December 2019

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Flexible and modular

This is how we designed the Plexus System.
You have a machine/ process/. Sensors/valves etc… that needs to be connected together in order to automate your process. We created PlexusPOD, a compact device where you can connect digital input/output (like pneumatic valve, proximity sensor or relay) or analog input/output (like thermocouples, pressure sensors or motor VFD).

  • Connect your I/Os to PlexusPOD

    You connect your sensors/actuators to PlexusPOD, then the POD to a ethernet cable that is wired to a computer (your own, almost any computer works!).

  • Automate with Plexus LAB

    At last, you install PlexusLAB and open the web browser. That is it…. You can now start to create any automated process you have in mind in minutes, yes really in just a few minutes!


PlexusPOD is a multichannel field I/O designed to be easy to install and flexible.

Each POD has 14 Channels:
8 Universal Channels made of 4 screw terminals each.
Terminal 1) Digital Output, Terminal 2) Digital/Analog Input,Terminal 3) Analog Output, Terminal 4) Ground
6 Digital I/O Channels made of 3 screw terminals each.
Terminal 1) Digital Output, Terminal 2) Digital/Analog Input,Terminal 3) Ground

PlexusPOD comes in 2 versions: The 0-10V and 4-20mA Versions.
General data:
- DC power supply: 12/24VDC, 6A Max
- Digital output: Max 24VDC with 0.5A each
- Digital Input Logic: 0 = Lower than 2VDC, 1 = Higher that 8 VDC
- Analog output: 20mA for 4-20mA version, 40mA for 0-10V version

Plexus LAB

A web-based software that lets you automate any process with an easy to learn interface.

Plexus LAB has been designed to get your system automated in minutes. With Plexus LAB you can connect field I/Os (PlexusPODs), create virtual variables, write functions with prebuilt blocks, create alarms and warnings, manage users access, and build beautiful HMI (web based panels) that you can access anywhere, with unlimited devices anywhere.

Plexus LAB requirements
- A Computer with UBUNUTU 18.04 installed
- RAM 516 MB
- Ethernet connection

Have a process to automate?

Plexus Automation System will be available on December 2019:

If you want to get your hands on a starter package, send us a quick message or just your email, you’ll be the first to get the discounted starter package and 4 hours of free training and support from our team!
Starter Package Includes:
- 2 PlexusPOD with a total of 16 Universal Channels and 12 Digital I/O channels
- 2 hours of remote support with one of ours engineers to get you started right away
- PlexusLAB
- Free Shipping (USA Only)
- Discounted Price of $668 $489


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