Simple, powerful and fun!

All in one software to automate your invention.
Add devices, write functions, create HMI panels, setup alarms, record charts and much more

The Plexus Ecosystem

Connect devices

Setup your automation system by adding devices. You can connect up to 20 Plexus PODs, Modbus devices or Interconnect multiple machines with Plexus LAB installed. In minutes you will be able to see your sensors, actuators and other machines to start testing.

Write Logic

Autocomplete code and prebuilt functions lets you write the logic of your system in minutes. You will be limited only by your imagination :P

Manage Alarms

Nothing is perfect. If anything goes wrong in your system, you can make sure that PlexusLAB will be recording alarms. Pair PlexusLAB with PlexusCLOUD and receive email notifications instantly.

Record Important Data

You can record hundreds of variables and access charts super fast. Be on top of your system by analyzing every detail.

Build beautiful HMI Panels

Drag and Drop buttons, gauges, selects and more. In minutes you can build an intuitive HMI to control your syste.

Web based! (access from any browser)

Control you process from anywhere, on any device

Build multiple pages in minutes

Video Guide

Here you can find a set of videos in order to guide you thru the PlexusLAB software. Enjoy :)

If you prefer, this is the direct link to the documentation


Pre-requirements and Installation guide


How to add and manage devices


How to create and manage variables and timers

Functions 1

Introduction to functions

Functions 2

How to write the automation logic


How to record data

HMI Panels

How to create stunning control panels

Settings and Users

How to manage settings and users

Cloud connection

How to connect to Plexus Cloud