Web-Based, Industrial Automation without PLCs

We’ve developed a platform for industrial automation that is simple and powerful for R&D projects, but it can be used for systems of any size.
Oh, one more thing it's free forever!

See Plexus in Action

Introduction to the Plexus Ecosystem

Plexus Automation Home Desktop

Release date is End of September 2021!

Automation with Plexus is simple.

Install PlexusLAB

PlexusLAB is a powerful web-based software you can install on your PC for free

Connect Plexus PODs

Connect any digital or analog I/Os (sensors and actuators) to the universal PlexusPOD.

Write your logic

In minutes you can write any logic and automate your system!

Control your system, from Anywhere

With the web-based interface, you can control your process from anywhere, with secure and user based access.

Build HMI Panels in minutes

Control you process from anywhere, on any device

Receive alarm notifications

Any I/Os, One Device

Connect analog or digital sensors and actuators. Plexus POD is a powerful, DIN Rail mounted, compact device that works seamlessly with Plexus LAB.

14 DO and 18 DI Channels

We have placed a digital output per every channel so you can power sensors directly, with 500mA of power each!

8 Analog Inputs (4-20mA or 0-10V)

The universal board let's you connect 4-20mA or 0-10V sensors in the same input. All 16 bits conversion.

4 Analog Outputs (0-10V)

When you need to control a valve or a VFD, you have 4 channels with 12 bits precision!

Optional feature

Plexus CLOUD

With Plexus CLOUD bring your automated project to a new level. Record and access your data, backup your project, receive alarms notifications, generate smart reports, manage users access and more!

Plexus Alarm

Water tank is almost empty

Our story

Plexus at Bioforcetech

We created Plexus because we wanted to be in control of our system and benefit from the flexibility of a modern platform. We hope that Plexus can help you and your team achieve your goals faster.